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The NorthBank Clubhouse
Northbank Clubhouse

Where leisure resides

The NorthBank Clubhouse - a one-stop centre for all your leisure and entertainment needs.
Enjoy a myriad of facilities in the natural beauty of Sarawak, enveloping the area with its tranquil ambiance.

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Northbank Clubhouse Wine Bar Cafe

Time to recharge & unwind yourselves at the café and wine bar.

Northbank Clubhouse Gym

Stay fit and healthy by breaking a sweat in the gym.

Northbank Clubhouse Games Room

Work hard, play hard because we put the fun in functional.

Northbank Clubhouse Playroom

Have fun with the little ones at the kid’s play area

Northbank Clubhouse Swimming Pool

Recoup and rejuvenate your wondrous serenity by the pool.

Northbank Clubhouse Badminton Hall

Get fit, get active, get ready to smash!

Northbank Clubhouse Multi Court

Shoot some hoops and feel the rush of adrenaline that excites you.

Northbank Clubhouse Outdoor Playground

A fun and playful haven, where every story of childhood begins